Are you falling for the wrong men and can't see the red flags before it's too late?
The Red Flag Checklist
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Don't wait until it's too late , learn how to recognise the warning signs early on to avoid heartache
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In This Checklist You Are Going To Discover
  • Signs he is not ready to commit or emotionally available.
  • What to look for BEFORE the first date.
  • ​How to tell what his intentions and character are early on.
  • The ultimate checklist of toxic traits. 
  • ​How to tell you are making excuses for him.
Don't fall in love with potential , recognise the patterns early on!
Written By International Dating and Relationship Coach Renee Slansky 
Have you ever experienced these sort of things?
 Or maybe you have thought they were just insignificant only to find out too late !
  • Inconsistency in actions and words!
  • Ghosting or having them disappear then reappear on you! 
  • Extreme promises or moving too fast too soon!
  • ​Mixed signals and feeling unsure.
  • ​Thoughts that he's seeing other women.
  • ​That yucky gut feeling that somethings wrong.
  • ​Broken promises and false hope.
  • ​Walking on eggshells just to please him.
  • ​Being controlled and made to feel guilty .
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