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 Hi! I'm Renee, 

 An international dating and relationship coach , speaker , writer and Fairy Godmother. 

And I help women globally, build a relationship they desire and deserve , without having to keep going through the painful , confusing process of rejection and defeat!

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This could be you ...
But swiping alone isn't going to get you there! Let me show you how to date effectively and joyfully , so you can attract a man who wants to commit!
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Who Is Renee?
Dating and Relationship Coach 
 Founder of Australia's number 1 dating and relationship blog The Dating Directory, Renee has been coaching women ( and guys!) since 2014.

She writes for some of the largest online publications and magazines in the world including The Huff Post, Your Tango, The Good Men Project , Mamma Mia , Elite Daily, Yahoo 7 and more.

Renee also works alongside some of the biggest global dating sites and apps such as eHarmony, Happn, Plenty Of Fish, and is an ambassador for We-Date , Protect My Call and an affiliate with the largest singles event company in Australia - City Swoon. 

Renee also works as an affiliate with Tony Robbins , has been asked to review Pamela Anderson's new book on love and is often called on by national and global media outlets for her professional opinion.

You might catch her on Channel 7's Sunrise or The Morning show, or hear her speak at an event or international podcast. But be sure to check out her TV Channel .

Her mission is to change the dating culture and to educate women on how to find , cultivate and keep healthy strong relationships.  Headline
What clients are saying...
Desiree, 43 
Ricky 25
Danni 31
This is what I'll Teach and SHOW You...
So that you can build a lasting relationship and thrive in every. season...
  • How To Recognise The Right Man For You
  • How To Trust Yourself and Men Once Again
  • How To Build Confidence Quickly
  • How To Quit Self-Sabotaging Habits! 
  • How To Build Lasting Self-Love
  • Understanding The Red Flags And White Flags
  • Unlocking The Male Mind And Understanding Men!
  • What To Text Him And How To Respond
  • How To Date Effectively And Stay In Control
  • And So Much More...
This isn't just a quick fix, this is a revolutionary opportunity that will accelerate your love life in EXACTLY the direction you want it to go! 
I was just like you...  
Let me be brutally honest with you...

Finding a decent man who wants to commit to you is actually easier than you think. There are awesome men out there who are looking for the same thing as you.

But where are they?! And why is it that even when you get into a relationship it only gets to one point till it all falls apart?

These were questions I asked myself for over a decade. And they are questions that thousands of women ask me regularly.

So that's why I want to share my story and my solution with you.

The moment I stopped trying to guess my way through love and actually ask for the help I needed, was the moment everything turned around.

I realised I was the common denominator in my life and that if I wanted anything to change then I needed to do 3 things:

1: I needed to understand more about myself .
2: I needed to learn what actually to do to get progress.
3: And I needed someone to help me do it.

We often think that we have to just suffer until magically it all works out, or we assume that “one day” the right man will just turn up and in the meantime, we just have to keep “trying” …

Well after ‘trying’ for a decade I was over it and ready to give up. I was exhausted, broken and disheartened.

 But once I embraced those 3 things, everything did change. And quickly.

Within 3 months of getting help I met my future husband and for the first time in my life love was EASY, full of PEACE and PROGRESS.

I FINALLY had come through the other side of struggle and heartache and now had the blueprint for how to create a fulfilling and joyful relationship.

Dating and getting a man to commit is not hard – if you do it the right way! 

I know and you know what it is like to do it the wrong way, but now it’s time to learn what you NEED to do in order to get the breakthrough you want.

And I have made it as realistic, relatable and achievable as possible, because you are deserving of an incredible committed relationship, the only thing stopping you from achieving it is you.

You no longer have to chase, or guess, or settle . And quitting is not an option.

Your days of struggling are OVER!
“ This isn't just another solution , this is a movement amongst women who are declaring unapologetically ,that they are created to love and be loved! ”

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