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This is for any woman who is sick of a crappy love life , the swipe culture and ready to make progress to love that lasts !

Why Love Sucks For You - and How To Make It Not Suck!
The truth behind why you struggle in love and how to date smart not hard, and break the cycle to set yourself up for a lifetime of REAL love!

 Before you get into your next need to watch this training.

An honest and no B.S. lesson on why you are currently struggling with dating and finding love and how to break that toxic cycle , make up for lost time and FINALLY know what to do to get the progress and happiness you want and deserve !

Does this sound familiar ?!

  • You feel BURNT OUT from dating and can't work out why it has become so hard.
  • ​You find dating apps seem to work for everyone else but you!
  • ​You are struggling to get past the 3 month mark with a man or even just the basics from him!
  • ​You feel like you have to choose between chemistry or commitment.
  • You have been guilty of chasing guys ( and usually not the best types!) 
  • ​Or you struggle to trust any guy let alone yourself to make the right choice!
  • ​You know you have something to offer , so why can't any man see that ?
  • ​You are sick of justifying why you are single ( and quite frankly aren't even sure of the answer) 
  • ​You feel like just giving up on love , but at the same time you really don't want to.

If you are OVER dating and ready to learn how to make it EASY, FUN and lead to REAL LOVE , it's time to watch this free Training! 

What You Will Learn In This Professional Masterclass
  • Why you are caught in a cycle of negative love experiences and how to break through it in a matter of weeks.
  • ​Why you seem to attract a 'certain type' and how to trick your brain to fall in love with WHO and WHAT is good for you. 
  • ​How to create opportunities to meet an abundance of high quality men who are ready for the next step!
  • ​How to date SMART not HARD and make up for loss time spent on the wrong men.
  • ​The Date-To-Marry Formula that sets you up for clarity and confidence in dating.
  • ​And how to TRUST yourself to make the right decisions throughout the process regardless of your past or anxiety. 

And just in case you are wondering , I won't be asking you to do any of the following : 

  • Give up chemistry or force yourself to try and like someone you aren't attracted to. I never want you to settle!
  • Years of therapy and dissecting because someone told you you are 'broken'.
  • Go out and approach random men or be super active on dating apps.
  • ​Recite affirmations 10 times a day just try to 'remain positive '. 
  • ​Have a full make over and change everything about you.

So who am I ?

Renee Slansky is an internationally acclaimed dating and relationship coach who went form 10 years of struggling with love and chasing toxic men to finding love as little as 4 months after her breakthrough and getting engaged 9 months later. Her methods and Date-To-Marry System has helped almost 1000's pf women break cycles and create fulfilling love lives.

This is the sign you have been waiting for...

It's time to stop wondering when love is going to happen for you.

It's time to get serious and hit this on the head.

This isn't an overnight solution or a quick texting script.

This is the raw truth and a real strategy to set you up for a lifetime of love!

If you are ready to up level your love life and get progress , then click the button below !

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