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Date-To-Marry System That Takes Women From Single And Struggling To Attracting A Committed Man And Getting Engaged In Less Than A Year!

Discover the 4 shifts you need, that has helped dozens of women break the cycle , increase confidence and attract a lasting relationship in a matter of months! Without having to give up chemistry or compromise their standards!

What You Will Learn In This Professional Masterclass
  • Why you aren't attracted to the nice guys and how to trick your brain to fall for men who are ready to catch you ( and are good for you!) WITHOUT having to compromise your standards or chemistry!
  • ​Why you aren't actually dateable ...even though everyone says you are a catch!
  • ​Why men aren't committing to you even though you know you are a high value woman with so much to offer.
  • ​Why you need a dating strategy not just another app! And how to date smart not hard to make it fun and enjoyable!
  • ​How to make up for lost time WITHOUT settling for just anyone !
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Renee Slansky is an internationally acclaimed dating and relationship coach who went form 10 years of struggling with love and chasing toxic men to finding love as little as 4 months after her breakthrough and getting engaged 9 months later. Her methods and Date-To-Marry System has helped almost 300 women find themselves and find their dream man.