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  For single women ready to date

Are You Dateable Guide + Quiz 

The self -audit that every single girl needs in order to know if she is ready to find love . Includes the 3 main questions to ask yourself BEFORE you date and a quiz to work out if you are ready to date .

The 9 Types Of Women That Make Men Run

Your downloadable guide to why men run from certain types of personality traits in women. Learn what makes a man want to commit and why he ran away in the first place!

Free Masterclass: How To Attract Quality Men and Accelerate Your Love Life In Just 30 Days - while dating less!

Watch the brand new masterclass from Renee on how to date smart not hard and learn the 3 secrets to accelerating quality men into your world on autopilot! 

The Red Flag Checklist

Here is your guide to recognising red flags early on before it's too late! If you are someone who falls for potential rather than patterns , then this is for you!

The 1# Key To Keeping Your Relationships Thriving e-Book

Discover what it takes to have a thriving relationship in a world where it seems increasingly harder to make things work. Easy to read and full of wisdom!

The 5 Keys To Creating Successful Relationships Guide 

Want to know what the 5 pillars are to making a relationship go the distance and be fulfilling? We take it back to the basics in this guide and help you get a solid foundation.

Free Masterclass: How To Get Him To Commit Without Game Playing , Manipulation Or Lowering Your Standards

In this masterclass learn the 3 steps to get him to commit and what makes men see you as marriage material. Bring your note pad and pen!

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