Discover Why Men Run And What It Takes To Get Them To Commit To You!
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In This Guide You Learn The 9 Types 
Of Women
That Make Men Run! 
Discover the nine types of women that have men heading for the hills! And work out of if you are one of them and how you can turn it all around!
Are Your Ready To Be chased Again?
If you are tired of having men flake on you , struggle to commit and don't want to keep chasing and them to try and convince them commit to you , then you need to read this guide!
Written By Renee Slansky 
Global dating advisor, professional dating and relationship coach and Founder Of Australia's 1# Dating and relationship Blog.
What You Will Learn In This Guide:
  Are you ready to learn what exactly it takes for a man who wants to stay? Wondering why men pull back from you?  In this easy to read e-book you will learn the following things: 
  • The 3 main reasons why men pull back 
  • The 9 types of women that cause men to run away. 
  • What it takes for a man to commit.
  • What men are really looking for when they date you.
  • How to get him to pursue you continually 
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