Discover Why Men Run And What It Takes To Get Them To Commit To You!


The 9 Types Of Women That Make Men Run

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In  this  guide  you  will  learn  the  9  types  of  women  that  make  men  run!

In this guide you will discover the science and reasons why men are scared to commit to certain personality types and traits in women!
But more importantly how to turn it around and have him highly attracted and committed to you!

Are You Ready To Be Chased Again?

If you are tired of having men flake on you, struggle to commit and don't want to keep chasing and them to try and convince them commit to you, then you NEED to read this guide! 

what  you  will  learn   iNstantly:

Are you ready to learn what exactly it takes for a man who wants to stay? Wondering why men pull back from you? In this easy to read e-book you will learn the following things: 
  • The 3 main reasons why men pull back and struggle to commit - based on science , experience and coaching hundreds of men.
  • The 9 types of women that cause men to run away - including the personality traits and actions that turn men off!
  • What it takes for a man to commit- and how easy it can be to get him to commit to you.
  • ​What men are really looking for when they date you. - And how to be high value not high maintenance !
  • ​How to get him to pursue you continually - and have him level up and offer you more!

Written  by  acclaimed  dating and  relationship  coach 

Hi , I'm Renee and I believe that you are here for a reason.

Love shouldn't be a game of trial and error, we shouldn't have to keep repeating the same cycle over and over again until we "one day hopefully get it right." 

I know what it's like to feel rejected , disappointed and down right frustrated. To feel like there must be something wrong with you because every one else is getting progress but you...

Well I'm here to tell you there isn't anything wrong with you , but there is a better and easier way to attracting and maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Jumping on another app and leaving it to chance is a high risk game of heartache. And your current circumstances and past experiences doesn't mean you have limited options!

My revolutionary programmes and coaching isn't based off some fairy-tale for the 'lucky in love.' 

It's for real women , who want a real love and are ready to step up and seize it.

Who is this guide best for?

It's for women who are tired of being unhappy with their love life, who want to have clarity and tangible results and learn to thrive in every season.
It's for anyone who wants practical strategies, accountability, extraordinary breakthrough and sustainable solutions. 
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