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I want to show you the exact method that I used that took me from 10 years of struggling with men, toxic dating cycles and broken relationships , to meeting my fiancé IN REAL LIFE in just 4 months after I got my breakthrough!
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Are you tired of struggling with love ?
Has dating become an exhausting and overwhelming process? 

Are you constantly falling for men who can't seem to commit ?

Do you find yourself scared of being hurt so you push men away ? 

Or are you someone who always ends up giving more than you should , only to have him undervalue you and then walk away?

Do you feel like you are self-sabotaging your chances of love?

Can't recognise the red flags?

Tired or repeating the same mistakes ?

Need more self love and confidence ?

Are you ready to find the love of you life? 

Are you ready to start that family and have a man to come home to?
You are not alone! ...but there is an easier way...
I know what it's like to feel like you are ready to give up on love and men...
For 10 years I struggled with dating , I used to chase men, and was always trying to prove to them that I was worth what little they gave me.
I remember trying everything dating , dating apps, blind dates , IRL and just about everything in between...

I wasn't short of dates or attention ...but I wasn't getting quality dates or men that actually wanted to stay! 

People thought that because I was pretty that finding love should be easier... And I thought that because I kept putting in all this effort that I should have found someone sooner...

These were two big lies.

What if I told you that how you look isn't what will keep a man? And that if you keep putting effort into the wrong people or things , then all you are doing is creating a negative cycle that sets you up for failure. 

I will be honest with you...

Dating gets harder as you get older...

BUT if it has become too hard , exhausting and full of fear and lack , then you are doing it wrong.

Because I discovered through my 10 years of serial dating and heartbreak how to actually turn everything around in as little as 4 months and go from single to meeting my soul mate in real life and becoming engaged 9 months later.

And now I want to show you how you can do it too!

Make up for lost time , cut through the confusion , learn to date strategically and successfully and finally live the love life you have been trying to for years!
Intakes Now Open: 
Early Bird Discount Now Open 
Save $500! 
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Stop Wishing and Make This A Reality...
Fall in love with yourself and a man who values you at the same time...
It's Time To Break The Cycle And Build The Love You Have Always Wanted And Deserved !
  • Learn To Date Strategically and Successfully !
  • Have The Confidence To Say NO To The Wrong Men!
  • Identify The Right Man For You !
  • Get Him To Pursue You !
  • Say Goodbye To Time Wasters And Ghosters! 
  • Build Your Self Love and Thrive As A Single Confident Woman!
  • Know How To Leave A Lasting Impression
  • Unlock The Secret To How Men Work 
  • Master Self Love And Get Rid Of Self Sabotaging
This is more than just a digital course , this is a life changing decision that will take you from single and struggling , to knowing how to love yourself unapologetically , assert your worth and identity and attract a man who will fall in love with you and offer you the commitment you deserve. 

This isn't a quick fix, this is the exact method I used to get my own husband after just 4 months of being at my lowest point in life ever. 
This is the accountability , support and guidance you need that will make dating fun, easy and exciting again!
I Will Teach You The Following Things To Get You Your BREAKTHROUGH:
  • Master Self-Love - Learn how to conquer those self-sabotaging habits and set a strong foundation of self-love that reflects your true value. 
  • Decode Men and Relationships- Unlock the male mind and learn how to always be one step ahead of him and how to set healthy relationship standards.  
  • Learn To Date With Confidence and Effectively-  Boost your confidence daily and learn how to get back out their and trust yourself and men once again. 
  • Learn How To Keep Your Relationship Thriving - Get beyond the honeymoon period and learn how to go the distance so that your relationship becomes stronger over time. 
  • What To Say And Do To Get Him To Chase You-  Know the exact 3 steps you need to master in order to get him to commit. What to say each time to hook him and have him continually pursuing you! 
  • How To Be Free From The Past And Retrain Your Brain-  This is about releasing your past baggage and pains and moving forward into a new mindset to manifest the love you want. Say goodbye to toxic thoughts and habits. 
  • How To Flirt And Read Body Language- Learn the art of seducing a man and become confident in reading his reaction!
  • How To Attract , Find and Identify The Right Guy For You- Learn how to identify who the right man is worth investing into before you give him your heart. Let's minimise dating casualties! Know the red flags , white flags and those in-between flags!
Are Your Ready To Meet Your Dream Man And Get Married In Less Than A Year Like Clara Did?
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Are you ready to have incredible life changing breakthrough in every area of your life like Jess?
"I need to boast about your online course. It has absolutely changed my life. You’re not just a dating & relationship coach; but a life coach as well.

Your course made me aware of why I was living a destructive life and as a result why I was attracting toxic men. My deep emotional baggage manifested itself and your course provided a very effective exercise ('letting go of baggage') towards my healing. You emphasised the importance of finding your purpose, knowing your worth and it’s significance within a healthy relationship, not only ourselves but with a partner.

In our last conversation back in January we talked about how I was actively dating with purpose but you sensed I had ‘date exhaustion’ and was still prone to self-sabotage. I took your advise and stopped dating completely for two months. During that time regained an even greater determination for self-love and purpose.

Exactly two months later, a secure, charming and inspiring man spontaneously contacted me via social media. I was ready and excited. I took my time getting to know the 4 -C's, allowed him to chase and let him lead; and most importantly removed emotion so I could look at the situation logically. He fulfilled what I needed in a partner and now I can officially say we are in an amazing relationship!

The reason this man even approached me and continued to pursue me was because he admired my drive (purpose), my emotional stability, understanding of his needs and self-love. Without a doubt, your course is the reason I am finally in my dream relationship!

Thank you so much Renee. Seriously. 😊"
Globally recognised and sort out dating and relationship coach and founder of Australia's Number 1 and Global top 30 dating and relationship blog... 
Hi , I'm Renee and I believe that you are here for a reason.  

Love shouldn't be a game of trial and error , we shouldn't have to keep repeating the same cycle over and over agin until we "one day hopefully get it right." 

I know what it's like to feel rejected , disappointed and down right frustrated. To feel like there must be something wrong with you because every one else is getting progress but you... 

Well I'm here to tell you there isn't anything wrong with you , but there is a better and easier way to attracting and maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship. 

Jumping on another app and leaving it to chance is a high risk game of heartache. And your current circumstances and past experiences doesn't mean you have limited options!

My revolutionary programme isn't based off some fairytale for the 'lucky in love.' It's for real women , who want a real love and are ready to step up and seize it. 

It's for women who are tired of being unhappy with their love life, who want to have clarity and tangible results and learn to thrive in every season.

It's for women who are ready to fall in love , build joy and attract a committed relationship. 

Founder of The Dating Directory 

The Number 1 Dating And Relationship Blog In Australia and Top 30 Worldwide 
Real women experiencing real breakthrough and love every day...
Are you ready to master the following?
Dani's Story 
Desiree's Story
Evelyn's Story 
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Jess's Story 
Are you the next story of success?
This is more than just a regular e-course...
This Is A Life Changing Love Education Programme That Helps You Live And Love Unapologetically 
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Accountability and homework tasks 
relevant and practical advice for any Woman at an age and stage
Are you the next one to get engaged like Clara?
Clara came to me as a single successful 36 yr woman who was struggling with getting anywhere with men. 

She didn't understand why men kept flaking out and why she was chasing them and why none of them seemed to want to commit. 

Fast forward 5 months after completing Ready For Romance she has just gotten engaged to her dream man!

You can make up for lost time , if you choose to work smart in love , not hard!
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  • Be over bad dates, unreliable men , being ghosted or benched and all the negative situations you have experienced.
  • Ready to step up and step out of your comfort zone.
  • Be committed and willing to put all the knowledge and tools into action.
  • Open to having your love and life transformed and being guided along the way .
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Are you ready now to discover how love is really meant to be?
Here's is why the world's biggest dating sites trust me as their advisor...
Dating and Relationship Coach
Founder of Australia's number 1 dating and relationship blog The Dating Directory, Renee has been coaching women ( and guys!) since 2014.

She writes for some of the largest online publications and magazines in the world including The Huff Post, Your Tango, The Good Men Project , Mamma Mia , Elite Daily, Yahoo 7 and more.

Renee also works alongside some of the biggest global dating sites and apps such as eHarmony, Happn, Plenty Of Fish, and is an ambassador for My Single Connections.

You might catch her on Channel 7's Sunrise or The Morning show, or hear her speak at an event or international podcast. But be sure to check out her TV Channel .

Her mission is to change the dating culture and to educate women on how to find , cultivate and keep healthy strong relationships. 
"This isn't just a chance to find real love ,this is a chance to discover the real you ; your potential , your joy and your unlocked ability to rise up and conquer anything life throws at you !"
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